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j e w e l r y   .  s c u l p t u r e

bren pollock © art jewelry is a fusion of fine art + mixed media + sculpture in wearable designs. each piece is one of a kind, created in her southern california studio. 

sculpture projects include:  'succulent souls' © garden art. 'wistful days' © penny doll inspired collectibles.

f i n e  a r t  .  p h o t o g r a p h y

soulful, ethereal, botanically themed portraits.  nikon ® devotee.

c o n t e m p o r a r y   p a i n t i n g

in late 2021, bren expanded her work space to include a painting studio for larger scale contemporary works.  a new section of this site will feature her work in 2023.

g a t h e r   y e   r o s e b u d s

for over 20 years, bren and her husband joe have nurtured 300+ rose plants in their garden resulting in winning multiple local+district+national american rose society - horticultural+photography+rose arrangement design awards+trophies.  they have served as american rose society horticulture judges, consulting rosarians and are lifetime members+bronze medal recipients of the california coastal rose society.  

in 2004, 'lady bren'©,  a beautiful deep pink|white reverse miniature rose was named in her honor by her husband.  later that year, a clear light to medium pink miniature rose, 'chelsea brittlyn'©  was named after their precious daughter. 

gather ye rosebuds is a source of inspiration  to educate, share and promote roses in many aspects from inspirational art to daily living to simple solutions in organic rose gardening.  truly, a gathering of roses and friendship.

l a  d e  d a'  a r t i s a n  b e a r s

since 2007, hundreds of her signature, teary eyed art bears have been adopted by collectors worldwide and featured in the prestigious collectables gallery at roger's gardens in newport beach, california. find the bears here:  la de da artisan bears. 


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