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I enjoyed viewing your web site.  The rose is my favorite flower. You have some beautiful photos.

Virginia DeBoer, CA on 14 September 2006

WOW!!!  You are on your way to a WORLD of greatness! You are already great in our world.....

Chip and Karen May, CA, on 15 September 2006

Awesome---just awesome. I am sending your website to Jack and HINT for a beautiful Christmas present :)

Bonnie Shoultz, East County, CA on 16 September 2006

Brenda- The site is beautiful and so are you! I enjoyed everything. Best of luck in this venture!

Amy Dohmen aka IdahoRoseLady, Idaho on 18 September 2006

Although I am a "rose" person, I loved the dahlias!  Think about trying some iris.  I also liked the double Cajun Sunrise.  Enjoy your new endevour, "cousin"!

Stacey Catron, NJ on 18 September 2006

Wow, wow, beautiful site. I hope some day to be able to do this type of work. Thanks for sharing your love of roses and photography.

Kathleen Lapergola on 19 September 2006

I didn't know you were this kind of artist! This is beautiful. I love the rose that headlines your website.

Ramona Haywood on 19 September 2006

Your pictures are absolutely stunning!  Especially loved the dragon fly.

Connie Wilke on 19 September 2006

You have done it again.  Your artistic abilities have no end.  What beautiful work.  Congratulations, you are the best!

Rita Applegate on 19 September 2006

Your life has MANY meanings.  THAT is a gift to you and to those around you.  Each and every endeavor you take on, you illuminate that chosen path, and share the beauty you create with everyone around you.  Thank you for including me in your circle, and I look forward to watching your spirit shine through your artwork!

Marcia Sanchez-Walsh on 19 September 2006

Beautiful work, Brenda. With love from your dad's look-alike. Uncle Dean

Dean Pollock on 19 September 2006

Congratulations.  It's beautiful.

Bruce and Carole Collard on 19 September 2006

WOW an awesome website and a very pretty women. Good job Bren

Calvin Bouette on 19 September 2006

Brenda, every picture reflects the beauty of God's creation. You do a great job of making them stay alive.  I was tempted to smell  the roses. I will return to your site. 

Benny Broussard on 19 September 2006

Well, you just never cease to amaze me - you bring beauty to everything you touch - breathtaking!  we must talk about my buying a present for me!!

Peggy Byrde on 19 September 2006

Brenda, I enjoyed visiting your nice site.  WOW!!! and WOW !!!  :-)

Arnold from France on 20 September 2006

WOW!  I had no idea you had such talent.  Absolutely beautiful!  Thanks for sharing!

Frank Ewing, CA on 20 September 2006

What an absolutely gorgeous website. Your art and photography are stunning; sublime on so many levels.

Manson Yew, South Pasadena, CA on 20 September 2006

I think you are blooming, just like a rose but more beautiful.

Frank Strickland, San Bernardino, CA on 20 September 2006

You followed your passion and we are blessed to be able to share it.  It's a fabulous website.

Gwen Cleary, Carlsbad, CA on 20 September 2006

You have given a new perspective on an already beautiful flower.

Margo O'Donnell of El Cajon, CA on 21 September 2006

I Am A First Time Visiter And I Am Very Excited.Thanks!

Eunice Cothron of Alpine, CA on 21 September 2006

Very cool site!  Jack and Bonnie Shultz shared your site with me.  Good Luck!

Lisa Lomax on 21 September 2006

Breathtaking, Brenda.....how neat that your favorite thing in the world is so beautiful.....and you have  enhanced its beauty even further. 

Patricia A Smith, Sun City, CA on 4 October 2006

Absolutely Gorgeous, the clarity and intense colors in your photography is incredible. I'm so impressed. Congratulations !

Dixie Dahl, San Diego, CA on 12 October 2006

What beautiful work! You have a soul that shines with passion and talent. Love to you on your journey!!!

Kathy Bevilacqua, Vista, CA on 16 October 2006

Hello. Wonderful work.  I love it all. The Yorkie is so sweet! What a talent!  Thank you very much for sharing it with us.  I find that such work gladdens the heart.

Penny, Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom on 13 December 2006

Hi Brenda!
I have been looking at all the beauty here and realizing how truly talented you are!  You capture the intimate details of nature in a way that brings tears to our eyes!  I know Joe's mom, Gloria, looks down and smiles her sweet smile at your love and your passions.  We are all so proud of you.  Peace, Love, Joy & Hugs, "Aunt Becky & Uncle Frank"

Rebecca Suchomel, Simi Valley, CA on 13 December 2006

I learned of your site from John Bagnasco on the Garden Compass Radio.  He told of his Christmas present.  Thank you for this gorgeous awesome site.  I am a member of the San Diego Rose Society.

Doris, San Diego, CA on 31 December 2006

Breathtaking, Brenda!

Patricia Swanton, Vista, CA on 9 January 2007

This is a beautiful site for Rose lovers and all who love the awsomeness of creation..

Sonja, Sch. Haven, PA on 19 January 2007

I like the Pics

Javier Flores, San Bernardino CA on 30 January 2007

Neat site Lady Bren. Beauty abounds here!

Stan V, Colorado on 30 January 2007


Marylou Coffman of Gilbert, AZ on 19 February 2007

Quite beautiful!

Michael in CA on 19 February 2007

Wonderful photography.  Your ad in the latest Journal of the American Rose Society caught my eye.  I am always looking for wearable art.

Ms. Jimmie Carol Ellis of Crescent City, CA on 29 March 2007

Well, I have just pulled myself out of YOUR life and my head is in a swirl.  How lovely for your love of flowers as a young girl to be transformed into this talent, vocation and avocation.   It is no longer a mystery to understand the beauty and inner peace you so effortlessly project when I see you at the CCRS meetings. Thank you for sharing a bit of your life with the world.  By the way, when I first entered the site, and became entranced with the concentric petals of that first rose, I was channelling Georgia O'Keefe.

Marlene King Doyle of Rancho Santa Fe, California, USA on 12 April 2007

Absolutely brilliant!  The intensity of colour and form is so beautiful - I can feel the cool, silk of each petal. Never stop putting out the positive energy - it heals all.

Erin O'Brien of Tuscola, IL -USA on 15 April 2007

I never knew the artist in you until now.  Brenda, the beauty that radiates out from you is the one from within and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have met you and have my roses judged by you (10/05 So. Coast Palos Verdes Rose Show).  I would love to drive miles to see your art work in person and hope to see this part of your stunning website develop soon.

Candy LaChance of Stevenson Ranch, CA, U.S.A. on 23 April 2007

Tres Magnifique!  Superb!

Juliette, Paris, France on 28 August 2007

I haven't looked for awhile at your website----it's beautiful.  Just beautiful....

Bonnie, El Cajon, CA on 28 August 2007

I just checked out your site.  You just bought one of my teddy bears.  I'm so thrilled to meet you and see your work!  I hope to do business with you again!  Lovely, lovely work! You are one of the most amazing artists I've ever come across...so diverse!  My husband and I and our daughter who is an up and coming photographer were all just blown away. If you don't mind, I've forwarded your site to all of my contacts in my address book!

Michelle Henderson, Campbell River, BC CANADA on 12 September 2007

Awesome site Lady Bren. You are not only a beautiful lady, you also enhance the beauty you behold. Wonderful site! God bless you and yours!

Stan the Roseman, Loveland, CO on 7 November 2007

As often as I turn to your unique and inspiring web site, I can't understand why I've not signed your guest book before. I must say I have always found it to radiate the love and beauty that is within you.

Thank you for sharing.
Your friend,
Terry Adams

Terry Adams, Vista, CA on 8 November 2007

"WOW....means..."without words".

You are so very talented and so very missed.

Sue Douglas of Warner Springs, CA on 24 December 2007

Your beautiful flowers and other pieces of art are true pieces of celebration of God's amazing world for us to celebrate!!   Thank you for sharing these beautiful visions with me!!

Carol Martin, San Bernardino, CA on 27 January 2008

Hi Bren, I love your website and congratulations on your
beautiful minirose 'Lady Bren'. I am going to order 3 of them. I
love the color. GOOD JOB.  God Bless, Diane

Diane Mills, Yucaipa, CA on 28 January 2008

I really enjoyed ALL of it.  The pictures of the Yorkie really brought me back.  I lost mine this year.  That is a beautiful one. You do beautiful work.  Love the others also.   Thank you for sharing this with all of us.  A friend sent this email to me.

Bonnie Bucek of College Station, TX on 8 April 2008

Hi, Your facebook friend signing in.. just lovely, everything is so beautiful.......

Jan Gregory, New York City, NY on 17 October 2008

Bee-eautiful work. I'm so impressed!

Nina, Brentwood, CA on 17 October 2008

The teddy bears  look very cute and almost alive! You sure have beaucoup talent and are a blessed woman.  More success in all your many endeavors you have in your art, photo, jewelry and bear making!  Hope you have all the hours in the day you need!!

Bernard (Bernie) Lutchman, Chatham, Il on 28 October 2008

Brenda your art is beautiful...just like YOU!!

Ellen Snyder of Lake Worth, FL on 14 November 2009

Hi Bren ! This is your new artist friend from Facebook dropping in to say Hi ! I love your work ! You should put some of it in the Bayou City Art Festival over here in Houston !


Dawn Thibodeaux of Houston, TX on 14 November 2008

Dear Brenda...I was looking at our old emails and got here...How Wonderful a Journey!! Your talents are awesome...YOU are a GIFT!!! Thank you...

Tina Serafini of Hackettstown, NJ on 14 November 2008

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